How do I report routine maintenance?

  • Phone – 24/7: 704.847.9046
  • Fax – 24/7: 704.708.9518
  • *After Hours Maintenance – 704-847-9046 Option 3
  • Click here to email

How does Executive Home Management, LLC handle After-Hours Maintenance?

  • For all emergencies, our switchboard (704.847.9046) is answered live 24 hours a day. After-hours, please stay near your phone so a Maintenance Facilitator can call you back to discuss specific details.
  • For non-emergencies, callers can leave a voice message (704.847.9046) or submit their requests using our online form, via fax (704.708.9518), or Click here to email.

What is an ’emergency maintenance’ situation?

  • Fire, flood or other urgent situation. If in doubt, call our main switchboard (704.847.9046).
  • Always call 911 first for police, fire or medical emergencies.

What maintenance is a resident responsible for?

  • Residents are responsible for the safe & quiet care of the property.
  • Residents agree to maintain the property in as good condition as he/she finds it, only normal wear & tear excepted.
  • Residents will be held financially responsible for any damage or breakage, deliberate or negligent misuse or improper operation of the water, gas, oil, electrical, plumbing equipment or systems; plus all cracked or broken glass, torn or damaged screens; and extermination caused by poor housekeeping.
  • In houses, duplexes and condos with private patios, residents must keep the yard or patio mowed in a timely fashion; free of rubbish; and clean the gutters & neatly trim the shrubs at least semi-annually.

What about fire and carbon monoxide detectors?

  • The owner, through Executive Home Management, LLC, furnishes either individual or a combination detectors in each unit.
  • The resident is provided a new battery for each detector when the lease is signed and instructed to install this new battery immediately.
  • Detectors should not be tampered with or disabled under any circumstance.
  • The resident is responsible for testing each detector at least once every month. If the detector fails to operate, the resident is responsible for replacing of the battery at the resident’s sole expense. If after testing or replacement of the battery, the detector fails to operate, the resident must notify Executive Home Management, LLC immediately in writing.

Can I change the locks or keys to my unit?

  • Yes but written consent from Executive Home Management, LLC must first be requested.
  • The resident must provide a working set of new keys to our office (10800 Sikes Place, Suite 340, Charlotte, N.C. 28277) within 24 hours of changing any lock or key.
  • Executive Home Management, LLC must have a working set of keys to all locks on your unit at all time.

Can I repaint or redecorate my unit?

  • Without prior written consent, the resident may not paint, mark, drive nails or screws into, or otherwise deface or alter the walls, ceilings, floors, windows, cabinets, woodwork, stone, ironwork or any other part of the premises, in or out.
  • Any alteration, including any fixtures, carpeting, painting, wallpaper, light bulbs, shrubs or any other plants, shall become part of the premises unless otherwise specified by Executive Home Management, LLC in writing.

What do I do if a maintenance request is not repaired and the item remains inoperable?

  • Except in emergency situations, before the resident can make any repairs, he/she must notify Executive Home Management, LLC in writing of the problem and allow a reasonable period of time for it to be repaired.