What is your Service Area?

  • Mecklenburg, Union, Cabarrus, Iredell, Lincoln, Gaston, York & Lancaster counties.

How does Executive Home Management LLC screen prospective residents?

For every applicant:

  • A credit report is purchased.
  • Previous rental history is verified.
  • Local employment is verified.
  • Income of at least 4 times the monthly rate is verified.

How does Executive Home Management LLC market vacancies?

  • The Charlotte Observer
  • www.exhm.com
  • In Office Services
  • Lead Management
  • www.charlotte.com
  • Vacancy Flyer
  • www.carolinahome.com
  • Referrals

Does an owner have to accept pets?

  • No.
  • Our Property Investment Manager can give you more complete information about what competing properties may or may not allow as well as special terms that we may wish to add to any lease where a pet is involved.

Describe Executive Home Management LLC’s Collection Procedures:

  • All rents are due on the 1st of the month and late on the 6th.
  • First notices are mailed on the 6th of each month.
  • Second notices are mailed on the 10th of each month.
  • Court cases are initiated against all delinquent residents on the 21st of each month.
  • There is no additional fees to an owner for any delinquency or magistrate court costs although the resident will incur additional costs.

How is maintenance handled?

  • Our switchboard is answered live during normal business hours.
  • For all emergency after hours situations, we have an on call agent availible.
  • Non emergencies are handled by the Maintenance Facilitator plus a long list of sub-contractor technicians.
  • How we handle the maintenance on each unit can be individually customized and at no extra charge. How can we help you?

How does Executive Home Management LLC communicate with its owners/clients?

  • We are dedicated to prompt and thorough communications at all levels.
  • We use voice, electronic and written communications extensively.
  • Every staff member has a direct dial phone number and voice mail.
  • Every staff member has an individual e-mail address.
  • Every account is assigned to a Property Investment Manager, who serves as the primary contact to answer any questions and supervise the care of your property.
  • Our itemized monthly statements are designed to keep our clients well informed. Ask for a copy from any of our managers.

Who holds the Security Deposit(s)?

  • N.C. General Statutes require that security deposits be segregated from other funds and held in a separate escrow account in a bank or savings & loan.
  • Executive Home Management LLC maintains all security deposits in a separate escrow account and is the fiduciary under N.C. General Statutes.
  • The security deposit can not be disbursed to anyone until a resident vacates and then it can only be disbursed to either the owner or the previous resident.
  • Please refer to our Management Agreement for more complete details.

Is everyone insured/bonded who handles the money?

  • Yes.
  • Our 3-D Fidelity Bond covers everyone who handles money.
  • We are active members of and support the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Realtors and the Institute of Real Estate Management.
  • We only use IREM-certified, double-entry accounting software with detailed audit trails for every account, receipt and disbursement.

When does an owner get his/her check?

  • We disburse all funds every 30 days.
  • Owner’s are mailed checks for the net proceeds of their investments on the 15th business day of each month.
  • Direct deposit of any owner’s monthly check is available at no extra charge.
  • In addition, we include an itemized accounting statement, information about each resident and original copies of every invoice we paid that month (if any).

How much rent can I get for my house/condo/duplex/apartment?

  • Rental rates are directly related to competing units in the immediate area.
  • Any of our Property Investment Managers will be glad to assist with this very important question via phone (704.847.9046)

Can Executive Home Management LLC sell my rental house or apartment?

  • Yes, we are fully licensed Real Estate Agents and have a working relationship with many Realtors in the local market.

What are Executive Home Management LLC’s normal management fees?

  • Generally, we earn a Leasing Fee of approximately 50% of the first month’s rent for each new resident and a Management Fee of approximately 9% of the gross collections each month.

What is Errors & Omissions insurance and do I need it?

  • Errors & Omissions insurance is important business protection for claims resulting from an act or omission in the performance of real estate services by the owner or his agent(s).
  • Acts that are customarily covered include physical injury, pain or disease related to such claims as false arrest, wrongful eviction, pollutants, libel or slander and fair housing, to name a few.
  • In most cases, acts covered by E&O policies are not insured under traditional general liability policies.
  • Every owner needs E&O insurance protection.
  • Executive Home Management LLC provides E&O protection to every client at a very substantial savings. Owners currently pay less than $5 per unit per year for this protection.

How can I get more information?

  • Contact us today and we’ll gladly provide a free rental appraisal of your property or more information about our services.
  • Where can I find more information about a neighborhood?

    • Click here for more information about any neighborhood in Mecklenburg County, including age, income, household, school, crime & climate.